PFP Story Writing Contest

The 1st PFP Story Writing Contest for the legendary Ark crew PFP.

  • Initial meta data will contain a default value.

  • Story for each character will be revealed on Nov 25

  • The contest starts right after Story for each character is revealed.

  • Submission ends in 10 days.

Once the Story is revealed,

  1. Check the base story and other traits related to your character's background.

  2. Use your creative superpower to extend the story of your character.

  3. Share your extended story on Twitter with PFP image. (Use tweet thread to avoid the word limit.)

  4. To qualify,

    • Tag @1CUx1TM

    • If your PFP is a female characters also add @WINx1TM

    • Add hashtag #ArkCrewStory

  1. The base story should be kept as it is.

  2. The extended story shouldn't conflict with the intro and given traits.

  3. The story, including the base story, should have less than 1,000 characters.

  4. Content should not contain any sexually explicit content.

  1. Winners will be selected after 10 days by number of total reactions on Twitter. (sum of likes, retweets, and replies)

  2. In case of multiple entries for the same PFP, only the one with the highest total reaction will count.

  1. 5 winners with most reactions will get free 'the first morning' pass when its presale is open, and get a special role in our Discord

  2. We will add your extended story and your name as an author into the metadata of your NFT, so it becomes official and permanent. More importantly, this will make your PFP truly unique with the story you wrote.

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