Tribe Collections

What is Tribe?

Tribe is a group of people or creatures featured in 1CU. Each tribe has their own story, mission and culture.

1CU Official Tribes

1CU starts with 7 Official Tribes: Pioneers ,Creators, Mechanics, Skeletons, Borgs, Critters and Heroes. Each tribe has their own story, mission and culture.
We will be releasing Tribe collections following the pioneer collection to complete the initial world view of 1TM.
Official Tribes of 1CU
The Pioneers
The Creators

Tribe Clubs: Tribe as a micro-community

From community perspective, Tribes are notional representations of cultural groups. It is a collection of individuals loosely tied by a set of core sets of beliefs, patterns of behavior, and values. So just as Pioneer Pass, each Tribe will have its own submission channel on 1TM platform, as well as a token-gated community, aka. Tribe Club.
  • Club members can vote to pick best submissions for characters and episodes, and make them official.
  • Club members can also propose and vote for official merchs and events.
Be a Pioneer and make a new Tribe