1TM Knowledge Hub

What is 1TM?


1TM is a decentralized collaboration platform where everyone gets rewarded for their work and participation.
It is a platform for creators where they make ideas happen alongside the collaborative community built around ideas. It is not only the platform itself but also a movement and an ecosystem that we started to promote a new way for creators to connect, collaborate and grow together. 1TM is all about empowering creative minds by connecting them with like-minded people with different skills and backgrounds so they can make more ideas happen through collaboration and collective contribution.
The platform is being built and early access version will be released in Nov, 2023.
What if we bring these people together so they can build teams and collaborate? What if we build a platform dedicated to enabling creations and collaborations, where creative and passionate people can share and discover new ideas, join in the making and get a team to make their ideas happen through collaboration?
We believe that creators, enablers, enthusiasts, and brands need a place, a little better than just a marketplace or social media, where they can come together to collaborate and create together. A place for creators to build their visions. A place for enablers to back those ideas with resources. And a place that allows enthusiasts to become early adopters and improve upon these ideas. Where creative themes turn into collective projects. 1TM is that place.