The Founder

Daren is an action-oriented entrepreneur.
With twenty years of leadership experience across IT hardware and Software, Marketing, Creative and Publishing industries, he’s been focusing on solving problems in the creator ecosystem. One of his favorite quotes is "No Day, But Today", and he believes today is always the first day of the rest of his life.
  • A Visionary and an executor
  • Product and Content Strategist
  • Agile and Productivity Guru
  • Calls Taipei home; born and raised in Seoul, Korea
  • Fluent in English, Chinese, and Korean Diver, Surfer, Jiujiteiro, Father of two

Why Daren’s doing this

“As a kid growing up in Seoul, Korea, I always wanted to be a creator that takes ideas from one’s head and magically turns them into something concrete. This became my passion ever since. I started by small things like programming some mini games, writing novels and poems, starting a monthly magazine at school, directing short films and music videos. I was always fascinated by the creative processes and the interactions I had with the people I worked with.
So I decided to spend my career enabling creative projects and helping people trying to make those projects work out. But through years of working with talented and self-motivated people trying to make their ideas happen, I realized there are far more ideas that are stayed on the drawing board than there were ideas actually realized. Watching numerous ideas that failed to see the light of the day, I noticed collaboration is often the most difficult part for many people who couldn’t turn their creative endeavors to fruition. They needed to collaborate with people from different verticals to bring their projects to the next level, or sometimes only to start off. But the majority of them had difficulty connecting with people from different verticals, as well as finding an easy and fair way to work with others. They were frustrated and helpless.
Being a creator myself as well as a passionate problem solver, I came to the conclusion that there must be a better way for them to connect and collaborate. There must be a place, a platform, and an ecosystem that enables these people to connect with each other and collaborate.
That’s why I started 1TM.”
What if we bring these people together so they can build teams and collaborate? What if we build a platform dedicated to enabling creations and collaborations, where creative and passionate people can share and discover new ideas, join in the making and get a team to make their ideas happen through collaboration?
I believe that creators, enablers, enthusiasts, and brands need a place, a little better than just a marketplace or social media, where they can come together to collaborate and create together. A place for creators to build their visions. A place for enablers to back those ideas with resources. And a place that allows enthusiasts to become early adopters and improve upon these ideas. Where creative themes turn into collective projects. 1TM is that place.